• 2017/03/16

      Interpretation of application of rigid PVC plastic in the construction

    • Plastics are lightweight, high strength, good chemical resistance, easy processing, low price and other advantages, and it is widely used in construction, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, agriculture and other sectors. Especially rigid PVC, high hardness, rigidity and high strength, good wear resistance, ageing resistance, and flame resistance, corrosion resistance, high electrical insulation, more rapid development in recent years, are being used in place of wood, metal, ceramic and other materials are widely used. A wide variety of plastic special-shaped material, structures and shapes, its covers are also very widely used, such as civil construction, building materials, furniture, vehicles, machinery, electrical appliances, and so on.

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    • PP folding boxes

      PP folding boxes

    • PP magic frame (tree and Santa Claus)

      Color swatches

    • PP colour

      PP fireplace damper